Abraham Solomon [ 7 de Maio 1823 – 19 de dezembro 1862]

Abraham Solomon (1823–1862) was an English painter.

Born as the second son of Meyer Solomon, a Leghorn hat manufacturer, by his wife Catherine, in Sandys Street, Bishopsgate, London, on the 7th May 1823. His father was one of the first Jews to be admitted to the freedom of the city of London. Two members of the family besides Abraham became artists. A younger brother, Simeon Solomon, acquired much acclaim as a pre-Raphaelite painter and pastellist. A sister, Rebecca Solomon, exhibited domestic subjects at the Royal Academy. At the age of thirteen Abraham became a pupil in Sass’s school of art in Bloomsbury, and in 1838 gained the Isis silver medal at the Society of Arts for a drawing from a statue. In 1839 he was admitted as a student of the Royal Academy, where he received in the same year a silver medal for drawing from the antique, and in 1843 another for drawing from the life. Solomon died at Biarritz, of heart disease, on 19 Dec. 1862

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