René François Ghislain Magritte [21 de Novembro de 1898 – 15 de Agosto de 1967]

René Magritte


Foundation Magritte


beau_monde_Magritte chateau_Magritte corde_sensible_Magritte dominiodel f961-magritte field_glass_Magritte1963 LaPromesse_ReneMagritte lovers Rene Magrite Magrite_IlPlagio Magritte_corde_sensible magritte_l__le_aux_tr_sors_1942 Magritte_the hesitation waltz Magritte_thehumancondition MAGRITTE4 magritte-espelho-falso magritte-la lunnette daproche magrittememoire Magritte-the-son-of-man magritte-thumb magrttecosmogony ReneMagritte_LagrandeFamille  sonho_Magritte  Therapeute RMagritte


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