Jean François Millet [4 de Outubro de 1814 – 20 de Janeiro de 1875]

Jean François Millet


Getty Museum




A-Farmers-Wife-Sweeping,-1867 Millet

Feeding-The-Young,-1850 gleaners Jean Francois Millet jean_francois_millet 09 jean_francois_millet Jean-François_Millet_ shepperdess Jean-François_Millet_(II)_007 Jean-François_Millet_fiadeira Jean-François_Millet_knitting lesson Jean-François_Millet_Mulher_na_janela Jean-Francois-Millet-The-world-of-work-Meal JeanFrMillet_the sheepfold la femme au puis_Jean francois Millet millet Millet_woman_sewing_by_lamplight millet+tosquia millet-peasant pouring milk96 standing-spinner-jean-francois-millet


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