Linda Bergkvist [5 de Setembro 1977 – …]

Linda Bergkvist (b. September 5, 1977 Umeå, Sweden) is a Swedish illustrator and digital artist. Bergkvist is a well known digital artist, her work has been published in the book d’artiste: Digital Paintings and Expose 1.

Bergkvist uses the nickname Enayla on several online art communities. Her style of work is described as being digital fantasy.


Digital Portraits

AutumnWhisperlings_LindaBergkvist calamityoftouch_LindaBergkvist dafeng_Evening-approaching-fog eyzaathe_LindaBergkvist golden_LindaBergkvist gone_LindaBergkvist LindaBergkvist_melodyofyourdemise LindaBergkvist_roseofmyinnocence  pathofpetals_Lindabergkvist  surrendering_lindaBergkvist undertheappletree_LindaBergkvist


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